Arturia Prophet-V Presets


The sound and magic of the Prophet.

These patches give you the full range of sounds from the legendary Sequential Prophet synth right in your DAW. The Arturia Prophet-V Patches gives you all the classic Prophet sounds, giving you everything you need to start making great-sounding synth tracks. Take these presets into your own compositions and productions to easily dial in your favourite sounds. 

The Arturia Prophet V Patches feature the sounds of Tame Impala, James Blake, Childish Gambino, Stranger Things, HOMESHAKE, and many more. This is a diverse bank featuring pads, synth keys, deep basses and experimental FX for use in your own music. The library is neatly organised with all of the sounds integrated into pre-existing Arturia categories for easy navigation. There are 68 patches in total and every patch has been carefully tweaked for sound and playability. Installation is as easy as using the 'Import' dialogue in Prophet V's menu.

Arturia Prophet-V is a software emulation of the classic Sequential Prophet-V synth, check it out here.


Prophet Keys

The Prophet's fat polyphonic capabilities make it a beast at producing thick sounding synth keys, perfect for complimenting a production, or being the main instrument. Check out this James Blake style preset:

Prophet Basses

Low-end is one of the Prophet's specialities, with the oscillators and unison possibilities really filling out the bass-end of the spectrum. There are short plucked basses and long, dirty basses, which you can hear in the patch Dirty Bass 3.

Broken Prophet

The Prophet's modulation options allow for the synth sound to be pushed into new sonic landscapes, perfect for psychedelic, experimental, and lo-fi music. Check out the patch Broken Synth 1.

Arturia Prophet V boasts an onboard chorus and analog delay effect, meaning you don't have to run it through external effects to get it sounding ready-to-use. All of the Arturia Prophet V Patches have had these effects tweaked to suit the patch.

Check out this demo track to hear the Arturia Prophet V Patches in action. All of the tracks apart from the drums are these patches with no tweaking. The tracks were processed with Ableton Live's built-in reverb, saturator and EQ effects.


Whenever the presets bank gets updated with new patches, you'll be notified and sent an e-mail link to download the updated bank, free of charge. Buying these preset banks also helps keep Reverb Machine ad-free!

Arturia Prophet-V Presets
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