TAL U-NO-LX Presets


The sound and magic of the Roland Juno.

With these patches you’ll have the full range of sounds from the legendary Roland Juno synths at your fingertips. The Reverb Machine TAL-U-NO Patches gives you 138 Presets, covering arpeggios, basses, keys, leads and pads, covering all the bases for you to instantly start produced high-quality synth music. Take these presets into your own compositions and productions to easily dial in your favourite sounds. 

The patches are perfect for use in psychedelic, indie, ambient and synthwave music, and were designed to inspire new compositions. The original Juno specialises in chorused-leads, swirling pads and huge bass sounds, and you'll find all the Tame Impala, Mac DeMarco, Pond, Homeshake and Timecop1983 patches from my tutorials in this preset bank alongside patches that push the Juno sound to new limits.

TAL U-NO-LX is a software emulation of the legendary Roland Juno series, check it out here.



The Juno-60 came equipped with an arpeggiator function. You'll find a variety of arpeggiator patches, including Chiptune ChordsStranger Things Arps and Synthwave Basslines, that trigger DAW-synced 8th note basslines, perfect for synthwave music and driving basslines! Here's the preset Squelch:


Although usually associated with chorused chords and leads, the Juno synths could also provide some monstrous low-end! Here the patches are divided into BrassyLong and Plucked, letting you easily find a bass patch for your production. The sounds run the gamut from thin, soulful basses to huge, powerful tones, and also included are some rumbling basses perfect for soundtrack work. Here are the patches Brassy-Fat Boi and Pluck-Outrun 3 in action!


Here the Juno is at it's most characteristic, and you'll find the recognisable tones needed to fill out your song. Some of the presets are arranged by the artist emulated, and there are plenty of original presets too.


The Juno's inherently bright sound lends itself naturally to lead sounds capable of easily cutting through a mix. You'll also find presets inspired by Tame ImpalaMac DeMarco and Timecop1983.


The combination of digital oscillators and an analog chorus is a great combination for ambient pads. Some of my favourite presets are the Drifting Keys patches, reminiscent of Boards of Canada, the self-explanatory Ambient Eno patches, and the Ethereal patches that take U-NO-LX into strange places. Listen to one of the Ethereal patches played through a big reverb:

Check out this demo track to hear the patches in use. All of the tracks apart from the drums were created with patches from this patch library with no tweaking. Tracks were processed with Ableton Live's built-in reverb, saturator, amp, Phaser and EQ effects.


Whenever the bank gets updated with extra patches you'll be sent a notification and a new e-mail link to download the expanded preset bank, free of charge. Buying these preset banks also helps keep Reverb Machine 100% ad-free!

TAL U-NO-LX Presets
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